Zoya graduated with a Diploma in Garden Design under the tutorage of Andrew Wilson at the London College of Garden Design and undertook an internship with Tom Stuart Smith, one of Britain’s foremost garden designers.

As the result of a long held appreciation of design and a love of nature Zoya established Zoya Jordan Garden Design.

The gardens that she designs include contemporary, architectural and timeless designs that reflect the tastes of her clients. Zoya is based in London, but happy to undertake work further afield as well.


We aim to create spaces that the client can really connect and engage with as we feel that the main response to a garden is an emotional one- it’s how it makes you feel that is important.

We do this by placing the client, their lifestyle and their particular wants and needs at the centre of our designs. In addition we also ensure that we pay close attention to the context of the garden so that there is cohesiveness between person and place.


Aesthetically we are interested in juxtaposing a clean, crispness of hard materials with a soft, looseness to the planting as we believe this allows for the greatest appreciation of both media. We also feel that there is much to be gained from distilling a design down to its essence, editing out any distractions, so that what you are left with is maximally impactful.

The hope is that the final garden whilst answering a client’s brief will also contain a degree of magic.